The Orc's Workshop

A warm welcome to the Orc's Workshop, or rather "what the bloody hell are you doing in my garage?"


So this page has been set up at the end of November, 2021 and on it I will hopefully be showing you the development of an extremely cluttered and unusable garage space (which it is now) into a well run and equipped workshop that will contribute to the hallowed pages of my blog via interesting projects and other garage type stuff..

As you can see it is a complete disaster at the moment...the moment being the 29th Nov, 2021, but hopefully (once my collar bone has healed) progress will be made towards my goal of man cave heaven...


  1. Your work shop is as chaotic as my mind is sometimes. My workshop isn't quite as bad, only because I have more room to spread things around, however my wife will encroach on my areas if she doesn't see current activity. I came upon your comment to Eaton Rapids Joe on December 5 and followed you back to your site. ERJ is one of my favorite bloggers. It may be his engineering background and the way he approaches things but I rarely miss a day. Scanning a few of your posts leads me to believe you have valuable things to say. Get well soon, Tsgt Joe

    1. Hello and welcome Tsgt Joe,
      Many thanks for your comment and kind words. It is always nice to know that others struggle with chaos within their workshops...fortunately my partner G holds no interest for entering my ‘cave’ as the threat of spiders (over exaggerated by myself) keeps her at bay. Hopefully you will be a frequent visitor to my blog and enjoy my rambling stories.