Monday, 17 January 2022

What the blazes....

       ... grass cutting in January?....


     Tis not the normal task that I find myself toiling over at this time of year but the so far mild winter has made it a necessity at one clients where the grass always seems to grow twice as fast as anybody else's lawn that I take care of. I am always surprised at the rate of growth here as it is the most exposed and bloody wind stricken garden that I attend and being that it is here within the confines of the village boundary, the lower temperatures that we generally receive should also curtail its growth, but nope it leaps up faster than a stalk seeded from magic beans! It is not the tidiest of cuts but the length and dampness of the grass dictated the finish, it will improve. 

     The lawn belongs to the same client to whom the hedging work I started last weekend is for. Another four or so hours were spent on the hedge line yesterday morning hoping that the grass would dry somewhat before its afternoon cut (it didn't!). I made far better progress upon the hedge than last week and my shoulder (and knackered knees) although sore today has not given my any cause for concern. Its movement is still restricted in one direction but I am adjusting to this and I can slowly feel my right arms strength returning. I will take more photographs of said hedge line next weekend for your perusal.

     Many thanks for those who commented upon my last post and for some of the ideas about regaining my fitness levels, well apart from the cold water swimming Lulu! hell as if my nether regions are not small enough! I have been looking at adding cycling, some resistance training (at home and not the bloody gym) and Tai Chi to the 'slow running' that I have gingerly started (knees) and I think that this combination will give a good balance between strength, stamina and flexibility, we shall see.

     After yesterdays work I am feeling far more confident about my recovery from the 'Snap' and from tomorrow I am starting to increase my work load. I have been extremely fortunate in the response from last year's regular clients with all of them wanting me back to tend their gardens, so happy days indeed.

     The return to work could not have come at a better time for not only have our scant savings been severely reduced by my convalescence but we have just received a quote for having the 'House in the Rock' tanked, in a hope to cure its ongoing damp problem, ouch! But the work has to done before we can set our stamp on our home and give it some much needed character. As said in a previous post we are aiming to return many Victorian features to the house with a steampunk aesthetic but with a nod to modern living. 

    Well that is about it for this short yet strangely rambling post, stay safe folks.

John t' Gardener