Saturday, 26 June 2021


       Bloody hell tis been a maelstrom of work activity of late with barely time for me to fart let alone contribute to the blogosphere! It has all been work related playing catch-up after the wet weather during the month of May and then I find myself taking on a couple more clients against my better judgement as there are only so many hours within the day. But also the extra workload is helping me plan (and pay for) some time off this July for a busman’s holiday as I am determined to make a start upon the small area of industrial wasteland that is supposed to be my own little garden paradise.....

       I think that it is a ‘thing’ with tradesmen, at least here in good old blighty as the vast majority are not particularly good at performing their trade at their own abode. Plumbers toilets leak, electricians sockets hang off the wall and gardeners have industrial waste sites for gardens. When I plied my trade as a grease monkey the last thing that I wanted to do was to pick up my tool kit once the working day was done. But now I honestly do want to work upon my own garden as work these days is a tad different. I absolutely love my work these days and being paid for it is an amazing bonus, so working in my own garden is not an issue of not wanting too but an issue of not enough hours in the day, hence the need for the busman’s holiday.


  1. There is a saying that goes "A mechanic is his worst mechanic". Just an FYI, when I retired in 2006 I was busier than when I had a real job. Something for you to look forward to. Hee hee.

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  3. He sounds a hard man Joy, tis true in what Mark says as well...a tradesman basically does not ply his trade at home