Thursday, 25 November 2021

Stir crazy...

      Well I am fast approaching the end of week three since 'the snap' and to say that things have been a tad up and down is possibly the biggest understatement since the Titanic's captain suggested ' tis but a paintwork scratch'! The physical side is the obvious effect of the snap and I am pleasantly surprised at how fast my body is recovering although it is becoming increasingly rotund. Unfortunately 'the snap' has underlined how fragile the mental side of my health remains with several days just been wasted with not able to arise from my bed until past noon and the feelings that creep into my head forewarning me of the Black dog's ever present shadow looming again. I find myself spending far too long watching screens, mobile, I-pad, PC and television which then leads to myself feeling nauseous inside and not going to bed until the early hours of the morning...catch 22.

     But I am becoming an old hand at seeing the abyss approach these days and so far have managed to avoid plunging into it, for it is bloody hard to crawl out of that hole once trapped inside. So I am now limiting my screen time (says the muppet writing a blog post upon his PC) and I am trying to occupy my mind with future plans and projects to carry out once my collar bone has 'un-snapped'. I have been putting some stuff off forever so now is as good as time as ever to plan out a project list and fill in the details so that once healed I can be as productive as possible.

     There is the list of household tasks/improvements to be undertaken (this list will never actually end, tis just like the DFS sofa sale!), the garage project list to enable the opening of the 'Orc's Workshop' (more on that in future posts, but it is a tad exciting) and of course the saga of my postage stamp sized back garden to be completed list. To help with some of these future projects I have begun to sketch out some rough (very rough) drawings to help me visualise the work, tools and materials required....

Future writing desk (steampunk ish)

                                                Writing desk design, hint of steampunk

Aquarium cabinet design.

Bramble helping....

      There are more sketches though all in various states of scribble. The anticipation of being able to work again is hard to stand without picking up some tool or other. I have to remind myself that I must be careful not to rush the un-snapping of my collar bone as any more time stuck indoors would nia on unbearable m'thinks. Also the fact that I am sure G would have some ear bending comments if I buggered up my recovery! 

     We are off to Londonium over the weekend which is always bitter sweet for moi, yes I get out of the house but both myself and G are the world's worst passengers so only one of us will not mind the journey too much and it is not me, blast the snap. Though I must say I actually hate, and no, hate is not too strong a word in this case, driving in Londonium itself. It is as if the folk down there have no perception of manners, road sense or danger! in fact I will go as far to say that it is like driving in a post zombie apocalypse. At least we get to see G's daughter and hubby and hopefully G's son too, always an absolute pleasure to spend time with these guys. 

     Oh and whilst I am here I must say a massive thank you for the brilliant response from folk since I have taken up my blogging pen once more, it really does mean an awful lot to me and is quite humbling that people actually enjoy my jottings here.

    Footnote...this post has been brought to you by copious mugs of Yorkshire tea, choccy biscuits and my doctors top notch prescription painkillers.


  1. Have fun in London avoiding crazy drivers!

  2. I do hope you and G have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Cheers from the West Coast of the US. Be safe.

  3. Convalescence time is really perfect for researching and planning, so it looks like you're putting it to good use. I don't envy the trip to the city, however, any city! Yes, they are a different breed of folk there, I think nature deprivation does that.

    1. I think you may be right about 'nature deprivation' m'dear, they area certainly a breed apart them city folk